Vini is a digital solution expert who is passionate about the disruptive impacts of new technology. With a background in both emerging technology and bring life to data through qualitative research, Vini is always in the know on the latest and most innovative technologies to inform business decisions. At RDA-Insights, Vini leverages her knowledge of the technical landscape to identify ideal solutions that answer our clients’ challenging questions.

Vini has an engineering background specializing in Information Technology, having received a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Communication Technology from DHAIICT Univeristy. Prior to RDA-Insights, Vini worked with large Tech giants as IT Enterprise Architect and Design specialist with Tata consultancy, Digital Innovation CoE with Accenture and has also worked on Strategic IT roadmap projects with Govt. of India postal service department. Vini’s service-oriented approach with critical thinking to design solutions addressing present future problems enables her to build strong, long-lasting relationships both with her clients and internal teams.

In her free time, Vini enjoys spending time with friends and family, from hosting a house gathering parties to testing out the latest vehicles on cruise mode. She also has a passion for automobiles and is often found working on her next car to be bagged.